Pretty in Pink


I’m trying to be pretty in pink.

True life: I have an entire half of my closet dedicated to black, navy and grey. Hey, I may not have been born there, and I may not live there right now, but I still consider myself a New Yorker. Dark clothing is our thing. Still, I’m trying to branch out, especially since it’s summer. 

I’m obsessed with scallops and when I saw this dress I knew I had to have it. I do love pink, it has scallops and it looked flattering on the hanger. I snagged it without trying it on. 

It’s a winner. Oh, and it’s from Kohl’s. Doesn’t it look way more expensive than that?! It reminds me of Kate Spade or Lilly Pulitzer. 

My shoes are the amazing find I made–after losing one-out-of-two of my favorite shoes in the Dominican Republic– I’m still not entirely sure how that happened since I never wore them all week. I’m convinced my TSA went through my luggage and didn’t leave me a note, because I’m pretty sure I left my resort with two shoes and the hotel couldn’t find the mate. I bought the original pair in Greece, my junior year of high school, on the island of Rhodes, and they were still in basically perfect condition 10 years later. Devastated, and willing to pay whatever it took, I was lucky enough to find the EXACT same pair for 25€ online. From Greece. The exact same price I paid way back when! The internet is an amazing place. I had to pay for international shipping but it was totally worth it. I’m still breaking these in, but they’re about to be my new favorite pair.

What’s your favorite summer color?


P1010550 Dress: Elle, Belt: J.Crew, Wristlet: Giani Bernini (similar), Shoes: Greek Sandal Shop, Sunnies: Fendi (similar), Rings: Vintage

P1010587 P1010560 P1010593

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