Essence of Style: The Perfect Summer Dress

When I imagine what my perfect summer dress looks like, it’s something comfortable in the heat, but with structure and most importantly, style. It’s a dress I could wear down at the beach, and one I could dress up for a party … and this dress is all of those things.

I spotted in doing some (more) vacation shopping at one of my favorite stores, Charming Charlie, which has consistently got more and more stylish and affordable clothing in recent years. It was an even better surprise when I got to the register and found out it was on sale!

I decided it was the perfect dress to take my graduation pictures in, so I did just that, and it attracted lots of admirers in Westfield’s Stanley Park.


Dress: Charming Charlie, Shoes: Jack Rogers

IMG_9254 IMG_8946 IMG_9169


What’s your favorite summer dress like?

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