Essence of Style: Casual Fridays

Or Thursdays.

It’s been a really taxing week. No really, I had to mail my taxes (who even takes mailed taxes, MASSACHUSETTS?), I got in a car accident that wrecked my soul, my faith in having in any sort of control over my life–and the first car I learned how to drive. I missed work and school due to some minor injuries, which when you see the car (below) will seem like a major miracle. I mostly spent my week in tears trying to figure out how the whole thing happened, and am still traumatized by it every time I close my eyes…and each time I’ve had to hit my brakes, or drive in general, since it happened.

Because of my bruising and general soreness, this has been a week of yoga pants, sweatshirts and comfort clothing. “Athleisure,” as the kids are calling it these days.

Since today was the first day I ventured out, I decided to not look like a total (total is the operative word) bum, but hey, sometimes you just have to put on some mascara, throw your hair in a messy bun and deal with it.

So I did. I have to get it together, I’m finally graduating college in exactly 36 days. Almost 35 since it’s nearly midnight now. I got this today:

My cap, gown, hood, tassel...and the alumni sticker for when I buy my new car.

My cap, gown, hood, tassel…and the alumni sticker for when I buy my new car.

And after I went to class and caught up with all of the work I missed, I drove to my favorite spot to photograph. It’s a rundownish block in Holyoke that’s slowly becoming revitalized. I found this bright red door when I took black and white photography at Holyoke Community College a few years back. (A little frustrating, no?) I have to drive around the blocks carefully in order to find this spot, because I can never remember where it is, but it’s still there and still as beautiful as ever. 


Anorak Rainjacket: Merona, Striped open cardi: Old Navy (similar), Crochet shoulder top: Jenny Boston, Camisole: 14th & Union (grey beluga), Athletic pants: Kirkland (similar), Sunnies: Ray Ban (similar), Shoes: Sam & Libby

IMG_8105 IMG_8131 IMG_8143

Here’s my poor Sally the Saturn. She kept me safe, huh? I really lucked out.


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