Essence of Erika: I’m baaaaack

With my parents at a friend's wedding over the weekend.

With my parents at a friend’s wedding over the weekend.

Did you miss me?!

I missed you. I created this blog as a new extension of my life aside from sports, because even though that’s my career, there is so much more to talk about, and I’ve been seriously slacking.

I realized at a friend’s wedding over the weekend when I was telling people about myself that I was constantly mentioning what a large part of my life my old blog Shoes, Shirts & Other Sh!t was when I was living in NYC. It dawned on me: It was my life there. Ninety-percent of the people I knew in the city were friends I had met at blogger events, New York Fashion Week and at conferences and about 95 percent of my social life centered around going to those events and hanging out with those people, my New York experience would’ve been completely different without it.

The other five and 10 percent–friends from college–the reason I was supposed to be in New York, but what I really had on the back burner while I was at Broadway auditions and attending soirees for the latest new scent for a bar of soap.

This blog won’t form my social life in Western Massachusetts, but I’m hoping it’ll get me back into my groove, making connections with the people I loved to spend time with so much before. I’m hoping in the coming months to start writing a few times a week, with fashion and style posts, beauty reviews, recipes and more–all of things that have always been important to me–and more importantly, the non-biased information that readers like you enjoyed about Shoes, Shirts & Other Sh!t before.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer here!

xo, E

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