Essence of Eats: Nutella Hot Chocolate

The weather has been unseasonably warm here in New England the last couple of days (almost 70!) but at night, it’s still been getting chilly and according to the local weather, the temperatures are about to drop into the mid-40s and 30’s again this weekend. On a cold night, for me, there’s nothing that gets me through quite like a nice mug of hot chocolate and you’ll see pictures of my creations over the years scattered through Instagram if you follow me.

So the other night I was cold and inspired to create one of my favorites, which also happens to be one of the easiest hot cocoa recipes to make: Nutella. My Facebook feed blew up with friends asking for the recipe, which isn’t a guarded family secret or anything–I’ve made this stuff and posted photos before! You know, like here and I’m sure many other times.

Just some late night #nutella hot chocolate. Move along, nothing to see here!

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It’s easy…are you ready?

Nutella Hot Chocolate

You need:

1 serving of your favorite powdered hot cocoa mix, (I like Starbucks’ original hot cocoa)

8 oz of milk, heated

2 tablespoons Nutella or favorite chocolate hazelnut spread

Whipped cream, Marshmallow Fluff or marshmallows for garnish


Heat milk to desired temperature (I usually microwave 8 oz for two minutes on high). While milk is heating, pour powdered mix into mug. Add two tablespoons of Nutella. When milk is heated, pour into Nutella/powder mixture and stir until combined, and until Nutella is melted. Garnish will your choice of whipped cream, Fluff, or marshmallows and enjoy!

It’s really that easy. Now go get that fire started, grab a good book and get cozy!

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