Essence of Eats: Homemade Peppermint Patties


With Halloween on the horizon, lots of kids will be out collecting candy. What better way to celebrate the night of tricks and treats than with a delicious candy that rarely makes it into those baskets anymore–and honestly–are better made at home!

This actually isn’t a holiday treat that I wanted to create, but rather, the need to recreate a treat that I found to be so much better when I was a kid. After taking a bite into a York peppermint patty a couple of weeks ago, a candy that I used to favor as a child, I was totally disappointed. The rich dark chocolate, wasn’t well, rich…and the peppermint filling…a severe disappointment…not the minty cool burst that I remembered.

I immediately hopped on the computer in search of an easy recipe I could use to try make peppermint patties that tasted as good as I used to remember them, but it wasn’t an easy search. There were tons of recipes with strange ingredients or weird instructions, but then I found this one, originally from December 2007 Gourmet.

Easy to make, simple ingredients, and the only thing I was missing was the paddle attachment for hand mixer, so I used the dough attachment instead, which worked just as well. (Oh, and the round cookie cutters I had were not quite the right sizes, but I made do!)20110105_10

I brought these into my office today (I get in around 8am) and by 9:15am, half of them had disappeared from sight. I heard things, such as, “Oh my GOD, these are so good,” and “MMMM delicious!” and I have to admit, they were also exactly what I was looking for, to replace that childhood memory of what York used to taste like.



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