Essence Of Eats: Homemade Apple Pie

IMG_0007My mom told me a few days ago that my aunt requested we bring apple pie to our Thanksgiving Day family feast and of course, being the baker that I am, I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to make one.


“But you’ve never made apple pie!” my mom protested.

“Sure I have,” I said.

“When?” she retorted.

“Fourth grade. Ms. Squires home ec[onomics] class.” (It was actually fifth grade.)

IMG_0018She rolled her eyes at me and I set off to find the perfect apple pie recipe–I think I succeeded. This one was a hit on Pinterest, and also has 1730 reviews on, with a five-star rating, plus, it looked pretty foolproof.

And it was. I did cheat, and bought Pillsbury pie crusts, but honestly, with the caramel sauce that gets poured over the pie, no one would ever know.

Additionally, I created a sauce of my own for the apples, as many reviewers suggested, and tossed the apples in that before putting them in the crust and covering with the caramel sauce.

Here was my cinnamon mixture:

1 tablespoon cinnamon

1/4 cup melted butter

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

IMG_0010Whisk those all in a bowl together, coat apples and tossed with salad tongs or hands to coat apples entirely, then transfer the apples to the pie crust.

I also made a two different lattice variations–one, a standard lattice with a few decorative leaf cutouts–I bought a set of cookie cutters for $1.00 at the Christmas Tree Shops–and the second one, all leaf cutouts across the top of the pie, with a braided crust edge. This tutorial shows you a bunch of different decorative edges to use on your crust, if you’re interested in making it look ultra-impressive with just a little extra effort.

And that’s it! I baked at 425F for 15 minutes on the middle rack of my over, as the recipe instructs, and then dropped the temp down to 350F for another 35 minutes.


IMG_0021We tried the second pie after dinner last night for taste, because despite telling me how beautiful the pie looked, and how impressed she was, Mama Leigh was still ready to go to Costco and buy one. Luckily, Papa Leigh was impressed and said it reminded him of the apple pie my grandma (his mom) used to make. WIN! His only complaint was that the apples were a little on the tart side (I used Granny Smith as the recipe suggested) so next time I might use a mixture of a few different kinds of apples. If the Cortlands were still in season, they would’ve been my first choice. Still, the pie was delicious, the apples were cooked perfectly and the sweet caramel sauce and cinnamon mixture made up for the slight tartness of the apples. I think all around it balanced out.

Enjoy this recipe! I know I’ll be making it again soon.

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