Essence of DIY: Holiday Card Hanger

As a kid, we used to have a basket that all of our holiday cards went in, once they were received, but that didn’t really work because then you wouldn’t get to see the cards, except for whichever one was in front. The last several years, we just let them pile up on our kitchen counter and then box them away after the holidays are over. This year, I decided it was time to do something with those cards. Enter: DIY holiday card hanger.

It’s always fun to see how everyone has grown and changed each year–how big my friends’ kids are getting and who’s got a new puppy–so why wouldn’t we want to admire them during the whole season, instead of just once after we open them? 

I saw this on Pinterest around Thanksgiving and had my heart set on it, but Izzie likes to eat pine needles (and then get sick) and I couldn’t find an artificial swag to meet my needs, so I had basically given up…until yesterday.

Swag card holder

Lightbulb! I remembered I had leftover artificial pieces of pine needles, pinecones, floral wire and some totally unused jute from another project and I thought, “This might work.” It did.


What you’ll need:

  • Jute, twine or thin burlap ribbon
  • Artificial pine needles, trimmings and picks of your choice (must be wired)
  • Floral wire
  • Metal wire lights (These aren’t the ones I bought, so you’ll need at least two strands if you’re covering a double door like I did)
  • Mini clothespins of your choice (I bought these in a mixed bag of gold, copper and silver and also had a set of gold glittered ones from TJ Maxx)
  • Zots, 3M hooks, nails, tacks, or your preferred hanging tool (I used Zots)
My holiday card hanger

My holiday card hanger


Let’s make it!

  1. I hung this over my slider, a double door, so I used 11 feet of jute. Cut as much or as little as you want to fit your door. If you’re using nails or hooks to hang, leave a little extra on each side and be sure to tie a small slipknot to hang your finished product.IMG_6082
  2. Take apart your picks. Twist pieces of artificial pine and using floral wire, pine cones, around jute, every 4-5 inches. It doesn’t have to be perfect, your cards will cover any mistakes. If you feel like the wire isn’t strong enough, use additional floral wire or a drop of hot glue to hold the pieces in place on the jute.
  3. Once you’ve covered the jute and are happy with it, string the metal wire lights around the strand. Tada! You’re ready to hang it.
  4. Using the Zots, you can place the card hanger however you’d like around your door. I chose to leave a little bit hanging on each side, so I hung mine at the corners and in the very middle of the double door. 
  5. Once it’s up, you’re ready to attach your cards! Use the mini clothespins to attach your cards randomly around the hanger.
  6. Turn on the mini-lights and enjoy your holiday cards!


What do you guys think of my card hanger? I was pretty excited about my last-minute idea and I only purchased the lights to make it happen and needed additional clothespins, so my project total was $13.99, since I had all of the other materials left over! (Also worth noting: The lights were my mom’s idea! She thought it needed a little something to better highlight the cards, and she was right–I love it much more!)


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