Essence of Decor: Home Office Makeover

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, then you are quite informed that I’ve been re-doing the office in our house that used to be my father’s and is now my office-slash-second guest room. We had a surplus of beds from when I moved out and then moved back in and my mother has already volunteered the dough to just “buy a new one” if I move again for a job in the summer after graduation, so it was sacrificed for this room.

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Getting everything out of the room was the hard part. There was a giant, industrial metal desk, a file cabinet and various other junk…along with tons of paperwork that needed to be shredded…and other crap…like…floppy disks. Yeah.

The office is still a work-in-progress, but it took a lot longer than I anticipated. I’d planned on starting the week my winter break started, but I was lazy and exhausted, so I actually waited until after New Year’s to get started. Then I got really sick…whatever stupid virus is going around…I got and had for two and a half weeks. I just got rid of the hacking cough about three days ago and the doctor wouldn’t give me an anti-viral. Talk about a nightmare.

Anyway. The room still has a clock looking for a home on one of the walls, a hook rail with the same situation; the room overall needs more artwork and eventually I would like to replace the closet doors with either bi-folder or two pre-hung doors that open out…but that’s another project for another day. Artwork and other doo-dads first.

OK, so pictures. Here’s the “BEFORE” catastrophe…

IMG_6563 IMG_6564 IMG_6562

Yes, that is a box spring against the wall, an at-home mini-green screen and lots of junk. Ick.




IMG_7104 IMG_7105 IMG_7109 IMG_7110 IMG_7112 IMG_7113

What do you think!? It was lots of DIYing. The room got a fresh coat of paint, Benjamin Moore Chocolate Mousse and the trim is Frosted Toffee. We hung new light fixtures, replacing florescent ones that had been there since right after we moved in–the fixtures when we moved in were outdoor flood lights! I used some of the old furniture–old bookcases that I repainted and stenciled (tutorial forthcoming)–and an old TV stand that now houses my printer and paper. An IKEA MALM Drawer Unit that I bought in Baltimore was refashioned with Cynthia Rowley drawer knobs, which I purchased at Homegoods. 

Lots of the room was fashioned via my three favorite stores–TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Homegoods. The curtains are from Homegoods, as are all of the baskets and boxes on the bookshelves. The sheets are from TJ Maxx (Cynthia Rowley) and the mirror is from Marshalls. The comforter is from BHG at Walmart!

The desk I purchased is the Threshold Hamilton X Slat Desk from Target. I hand-guilded the Xs because I really had fallen in love with this expensive desk that I couldn’t and wouldn’t afford. I painted the pulls that came with the desk to match. The gold desk accessories were all things we had lying around and I spray painted…voilè! The scalloped grey desk trashcan came from Christmas Tree Shops. It was one of my favorite purchases and it was only $3.99!

The turquoise pillow covers are both from Hobby Lobby–chevron and this one.

The large canvas piece I hand-painted. It was time-consuming, but it kept me from completely freaking out during the Alabama-Clemson game. 

The desk chair was an old, ugly brownish chair we had that I sprayed gold, reupholstered and refoamed. The fabric is from Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts. We used the leftover fabric to make a pillow cover too. The gold velvet chair in the corner we left untouched, even though it could probably use some new fabric too. 

That’s pretty much it! More pictures of my home office to come, along with tutorials. What do you think? Have you completely overthrown an entire room in your house? Send me pictures!

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I need some caffeine. I’m about to dose with my Ethiopian blend from Atlas Coffee Club! More on that coming up…


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