Essence of Dating: Bucket list

One of the reasons I decided to create Essence of Erika was because I really wanted somewhere to publish my dating bucket list, that’s totally lame and weird, I know. Hey, some girls like to plan their fairytale weddings, I just want to plan my fairytale dates, is that so wrong?

Maybe this was inspired by recent campaign for a TV role as the next Bachelorette and I feel like I’ve been explaining “date cards” to all of my guy friends since this show aired. (C’mon ladies, help me out here, date cards are awesome, right?!) And also, just for fun, I joined the free version How About We for date ideas (you know, for the boyfriend I don’t have yet) so I can see what date ideas people have, but none of us can message each other because we don’t want to pay for the site.

I haven’t been in a serious relationship for awhile and I wanted to make a list of fun and romantic dates to share with the next guy(s) I date. Some of these I’ve done with friends (and they’d be worth a repeat with someone I really like) and some of them I haven’t done with anyone before. I’ll add to this list periodically and re-post via social media as I add to it. Feel free to add your favorite date ideas (or the best ones you’ve been on) in the comments and I will add them to the list, with a credit to you, and feel free to use these with your own partners (and let me know how they are!)

  • Wine-making
  • Two places at once
  • Top of the Rock
  • Sunrise-gazing
  • Ice skating
  • Pumpkin picking
  • Mini-golf at Pirate’s Cove
  • Karaoke a la “27 Dresses”
  • Horseback riding
  • Hiking
  • Greece
  • Dinner party
  • Drive-in movie a la Grease
  • Road trip
  • London
  • Go karts
  • Inside “camping”
  • Cooking classes
  • Carnival
  • Bowling
  • Beer tours
  • Ben and Jerry’s Factory tour
  • Savannah Ghost Tour
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Bumper cars
  • Batting cages
  • Ballroom dance
  • Apple picking
  • Camping under the stars

1. Camping under the stars, tent, sleeping bags, small fire, s’mores, nature. You know.

2. After-hours picnic on the beach to watch the sunset seaside with wine, cheese and crackers.

3. Make your own wine at a vineyard (stomp grapes!)

4. Play baseball at a deserted field and have a picnic out in centerfield

5. Take a “local” road trip and explore all the little towns nearby (i.e. Here in Western Mass. the Berkshires!)

6. Take ballroom dance lessons together (I used to do this by myself, would’ve been more fun and less expensive with a boyfriend!)

7. Go ice skating, fall down, laugh, do it again.

8. Take a hike up a tough mountain, admire the summit and what you’ve just accomplished together.

9. Take a tour of a brewery (learn how beer is made, drink there, potentially eat since many now have restaurants? Yes, please!)

10. Go on a beer/wine tour. Yes, a tour, where you go somewhere (i.e. Vermont) where there are several breweries and go to each one and do a tasting. It’s a thing. It could be totally fun, I think.

11. Take a tour of an ice cream factory (Ben & Jerry’s was pretty cool, I’d do it again.)

12. Camp inside by the fireplace on a cold night. Blankets, pillows, a crackling fire.

13. Go to a drive-in movie.

14. Go to a carnival, play games, ride rides, gorge on carnival delicacies (popcorn, candy apples…the usual).

15. Serenade one another at karaoke night.

16. Be in two places at the same time (on a state line)

17. Take a tour of Europe.

18. While in Europe, spend LOTS of time in/on Greece and Greek Isles.

19. Go pumpkin picking.

20. Go apple picking.

21. Drinks at sunset at the Top of the Rock in NYC.

22. A trip to the top of the Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower, Space Needle, Sears Tower (or whatever it’s called now), and every other tall, scary and beautiful landmark where you might want to hold someone’s hand. Seriously.

23. Get up early and watch the sunrise.

24. Host a dinner party with friends.

25. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge.

26. Navigate a cornfield maze. Or get lost together. Whichever.

27. Go horseback riding.

28. Experience a New Orleans jazz club and a night on Bourbon Street, followed by a morning stroll in the French Quarter market, cafe au lait and beignets from Cafe du Monde.

29. Mini-golf at Pirate’s Cove in Yarmouth, Mass.

30. Take cooking classes.

31. Race in go-karts.

32. Bumper cars. Definitely bumper cars.

33. Go bowling.

34. Take a ghost tour in Savannah, Ga., drink glass bottled Coca Cola and eat homemade pralines at the River St. old-fashioned candy store.

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