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With a majorly famous ball dropping in just a few days, I admittedly dropped the ball this holiday season in so many ways. Averaging 50 hours a week at my main job, the few hours I had left in between were reserved for Christmas shopping and sleeping…as much as possible. So while I didn’t bake as many goodies as I normally would’ve and didn’t write as many holiday gift guides as I planned (I’m sorry!), the good news is that I have a whole post to tell you about all the fabulous things one of my favorite beauty brands, Beauty For Real, is up to!

Beauty For Real's Light Up Lip Gloss $22.00

Beauty For Real’s Light Up Lip Gloss in Desire $22.00

I’ve written about them before, not on this blog, but on SSOS and elsewhere because I’m totally obsessed with their Light Up Lip Glosses ($22.00). If you’re not familiar, there are a whole lot of copycats out there, but Beauty for Real has found a genius way to make sure that no matter where you are–dark cab, dark club, etc.–you can always make sure your lips are perfectly glossed with a gorgeous color. I literally keep one of these glosses in every single one of my handbags. No, I’m not kidding.

These glosses have a built-in light, easy to activate with the push of a button, and a mirror on the outside–no need for a separate compact–plus, if you’re me, that mirror doubles as a way to make sure I don’t have broccoli stuck in my teeth after dinner, because the amount of weird looks I get when I try to check on my front facing camera on my iPhone…well…nevermind.

Not only are these glosses super functional, they’re also packed with vitamins and antioxidants to help revitalize and moisturize your lips. Marine collagen infuses your pucker to plump it up, but feels cool and refreshing, rather than tingly and hot like some lip plumpers that contain cinnamon and pepper. The gloss itself is slick and never feels sticky, making it my go-to during long work days.

The ladies at Beauty for Real were nice enough to send me a few new colors for my collection and Desire has got to be my absolute favorite. It’s just a shade or so darker than my natural lip color, making it look like an enhanced version of my lips! I’m obsessed. Lighthearted–a sheer pink with a little bit of shimmer–has been my go-to shade for the last several years since I was introduced to the brand, but I think I’ve been converted.

For the first time, I also got a chance to test out the True Color Lip Cream ($22.00), which like the glosses, also have a mirror and a light attached for perfect application anywhere you go. While I’m not usually a red gal, I tried out Really Red and it turned out to be a red that pretty much works on any skin tone (I tried it on my friends to to test my theory!) The first time I wore it at work, I went minimal on the rest of my makeup and got tons of compliments. Even through sipping coffee and chatting, it lasted several hours before I needed to reapply. The cream contains cold-pressed, refined Cupuaca Butter and organic Neroli and mandarin oils for creaminess and long-lasting wear. I’m not usually a lipstick wearer, but this stuff could convert me from my glossy ways!

Beauty For Real's Cheek Tint & Luminzer in Get Lit/In The Pink $29.00

Beauty For Real’s Cheek Tint & Luminzer in Get Lit/In The Pink $29.00

One thing I’m constantly looking for is a way to illuminate my face when I contour. I’ve tried highlighter after highlighter and somehow, I always end up using one of my eyeshadows to perk up my cheekbones since they either aren’t the right color, have a weird applicator or just end up being way too glittery. #TheStruggleIsReal

Anyway, I really enjoyed trying out BFR’s new-ish and best-selling Cheek Tint and Luminizer ($29.00) because it’s going to be my summer staple as soon as I can catch a tan again! While I usually find it difficult to blend creams/tints in after I’ve already applied foundation, that actually wasn’t the case with this product. Color-me-shocked, because if it ruins my foundation, we’re not trying again.

The Get Lit/In the Pink combo is perfect for that I-just-went-out-in-the-cold-and-my-cheeks-are-pink glow of winter and the highlighter is the perfect blend of subtle meets hello-my-cheekbones-look-amazing-now. I’m dying to get my hands on the other combo–Goldrush/Afterglow–because I’m pretty sure that and a swipe of some mascara (BFR’s Miracle Mascara is pretty awesome, just in case you were wondering) will be my daily makeup look this summer. The product contains “patented Luminera” and a “diamond core complex” and while I’m not sure what either of those things mean, they’re totally amazing and apparently have anti-aging properties. No complaints here.

So now that you’ve heard me gush about BFR’s products, you’ll be excited to know…

I have an awesome BFR Light Up Nail Polish to give away to you! See details below.

Even better news, since I know you’re dying to get your hands on this stuff ASAP with all that holiday cash you were given: Beauty for Real is offering 15% off your online purchase to Essence of Erika readers with the code: ESSENCEHOLIDAY15 

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