Essence of Beauty: Brush On Block

mineral_sunscreen_brush_1024x1024It’s no secret that I love to stay active, but traditional sunscreen doesn’t really fit into my beauty routine. It’s greasy, first of all, and second, the non-comedogenic ones that won’t clog up your pores, don’t last as soon as you start to sweat, then it gets into your eyes and it stings … the list goes on. When humidity is an every day part of your summer life, like it is mine, I don’t have time to keep re-applying sunscreen and makeup over and over again … especially when there’s news to do, a mountain to climb … a beach to enjoy … you get the idea!

I discovered this great product Brush on Block at the IBS show in New York back in February, but I didn’t really have a chance to put it to the test until the weather started to get warm here in New England … now I’m obsessed!


Here’s Izzie and me after a hike to Mount Norwottuck in South Hadley, Mass. on July 4th. It was 90 degrees and Brush on Block “saved face” for me all day!

Celebrity makeup artist Susan Posnick created Brush on Block as an answer to my problems. OK, not my problems specifically, but all of the problems that I addressed. Susan was diagnosed with skin cancer in the late ’90s and wanted to find a solution to the greasy, gross sunscreens, so that everyone could easily apply protection. Natural components, ease of application, instant, full coverage and non-irritating formulations were important to her, so creating a mineral sunscreen seemed like a perfect fit.

For me, it’s convenient and easy to use. The powder comes self-contained with a brush that slides in and out of its container. The brush provides even coverage, it’s 30 SPF and the bristles are soft. When you want to use the sunscreen, you just pop the brush out and give it a little shake and the powder flows down into the brush for you to apply. It fits perfectly in my makeup bag, my hiking backpack and is perfect if you fly — it’s TSA ready! I love that I can apply it as a base to makeup or over my makeup and either way, it’s undetectable, and keeps the delicate skin on my face safe from the sun. On top of that, the mineral formula is great when you do start to get shiny — re-applying it is almost like dusting on a translucent setting powder!


I guess it’s time to wash these sneakers!

Because of its perfect powdery formula … guess where else you can save your skin? Your scalp! You know that pesky burn you get when you part your hair? Dust it on your roots. It’s undetectable and will keep you from having to tell your friends you got a sunburn and the dreaded “I swear I don’t have dandruff!”

This sunscreen is really a great find for all the things I do — from on-camera work in the sweltering sun, a hike where I’m hoping for that perfect photo-finish picture at the summit or just relaxing with friends at a backyard BBQ. I’m honestly hooked.

So … do you have to buy a whole new one when the sunscreen runs out like regular sunscreen? Nope! The bottom piece where the sunscreen is stored can be taken off and replaced with a refill. Easy-peasy–and saves money!

You can buy Brush on Block on their website with three options — the single dispenser and brush for $32.00, the refill for $17.00 or a “duo” two-pack is $54.00.




Disclaimer: I received this product at no-charge to review for this site and was not compensated for this review.

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