I had Dysport injections + I liked it


Meet Audra! She’s new to Dr. Fechner’s practice, she recently relocated from Kentucky, and she would love to make you feel beautiful.

*Sing that title to the tune of Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl”*

It’s like what they told you in high school–everyone’s doing it, but no one’s talking about it–this time, I’m talking about fixing yo’ face. In the news industry, it’s pretty hush-hush, but I know at least 20 people in my circle, some of whom I work with, that have had Dysport or Botox and now you can add me to the list.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Audra Henley, MSN, FNP-BC c/o Dr. Frank Fechner. I was provided complimentary services and product in exchange for my honest opinion of them. All opinions are my own. Questions? Please view my full disclosure.

When Audra Henley, MSN, FNP-BC at Dr. Frank Fechner in Worcester, Mass. and I discussed coming into the office and getting a treatment or two. I figured, I had nothing to lose …but the wrinkles. I’ve had wicked crows feet around my eyes for quite some time from all of that smiling I do, staring at screens, etc. so it seemed like a win-win. 


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Dr. Fechner’s office specializes in facial plastic surgery and rejuvenation, so I felt like I was in great hands — and I can tell you — the staff is second to none. I met nearly everyone who works there, had an extensive tour and Audra walked me through the process of getting an injectable step-by-step. They have an complete extensive list of services here.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-2-29-36-pmYou know should I hate needlesNo, I really hate needles. They freak me out. I was the child that would jump off the table and go running from the doctor when it was time to get a shot. Seriously. You should ask my pediatrician about the time she almost stuck herself with the needle meant for me.

Audra handled this like a champ and assured me it wouldn’t be too bad. I won’t lie, she was right. The needle is about the size of an insulin needle (tiny) so it really is just a prick.

She chose Dysport injections for me, because it’s a little newer than Botox and tends to give you results a little bit more quickly. I noticed the difference in about two days, with full effects in about five. I had injections around my crow’s feet, and in the center of my forehead, the “11’s” as their called — more as a preventative measure. 

Common questions I get when I cop to my “work”:

“BUT YOU’RE NOT EVEN 30 YET.” I know, this was totally my thing too, but I honestly can’t wait to keep this up. (Yep, probably addicted now.) I notice such a difference in the lines around my eyes, and love that I can’t really have chronic RBF anymore. It’s subtle to others (sorry, mom, you’re probably reading this now freaking out that I didn’t tell you) and honestly, no one notices unless I show them the difference — then–they’re wowed! 


Here’s right after my injections. You can barely tell I had anything done … and look at all those fine lines!

“Was there anything that sucked about it?” No. No one noticed that I had just gotten anything done. The actual injections take about 10-15 minutes, depending on how many areas you’re having done. Like I said before, the pain isn’t bad, Audra didn’t numb me at all, and by the time I had wrapped up with my photography equipment and chatting with the staff (about 30 minutes), all of the redness and the initial bumps around the injection sites were gone. You could get this done on your lunch break and no one would know. Audra asked me to skip makeup for an hour or so, in case there was any bacteria on my makeup brushes that could potentially get into the injection sites.

“Any bad after effects?” Nothing bad. I did have a minor headache the second day as the product started to take effect. But it was very minor, and I took some Advil. I also thought I might get a small bruise in one spot over my left eyebrow, but the discoloration was gone the next morning when I woke up. It also feels a little funny at first, because the drug is paralyzing your muscles, but it’s not bad, just weird.


Working on my “11’s” the area between your eyebrows where some people get pronounced frown lines.

“What’s the best part?” Aside from feeling like I look more like I’m 20, instead of 27, my makeup doesn’t have any lines to settle into (AMAZING) and I love not having to photoshop out my 9,748,539 crow’s feet in pictures, because yeah, I blurred them out before. It makes life a lot easier. I feel better about myself in general, especially when I smile.

“Isn’t it expensive?” Nope. I can swing it on a reporter’s salary. Audra’s rates are so affordable compared to many other places that offer injectables. The pricing is by area, rather than by unit.

“How can I get this done?” You can call Dr. Frank Fechner’s office at (508) 754-4000. They are conveniently located on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester and have a private parking lot behind the building. It’s such a quick drive from Springfield or from Boston without the big city bustle! Ask for an appointment with Audra Henley, MSN, FNP-BC, mention this post and follow Audra on Instagram to get a complimentary consultation (valued at $200.00). You can also follow the practice on Facebook

Still skeptical? Here’s a before and after for you:

This was taken about a week before I had Dysport injections. Unretouched, notice the crow's feet around my eyes.

This was taken about a week before I had Dysport injections, unretouched. Notice the crow’s feet around my eyes.

This was taken on Thanksgiving, less than a week after I had Dysport injections -- and I'm smiling WAY bigger.

This was taken on Thanksgiving, also unretouched, less than a week after I had Dysport injections — and I’m smiling WAY bigger.

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