A Few of My Favorite Things

This past weekend’s events in Paris and Beirut made me so grateful for some of the most simple pleasures in life. The people who were unknowingly attacked were watching a match, eating dinner or enjoying a night on the town with their friends–things we often take for granted. I remember how the world came together for us on 9/11 when our beloved country was senselessly attacked and hope that we can do the same for our friends across the pond. Here are a few (plus a few extra) of my favorite things this week:



Time spent with my best friend Nicole in NYC, now that we have a train ride each to get there, in between us.


Discovering cool new places like Industry City, which now houses the Brooklyn Flea. This is Building 2, where the restrooms are, and it could obviously be worse.


The delectable calamari with yuzu dipping sauce (please give me the recipe, Jean-Georges!) that I get to enjoy a few times a year when Nicole and I go to Perry St in the West Village. You’re welcome to bring your friends, but she and I only ever go with each other.


The Chrysler building lit up at night (in this terrible grainy shot I took yesterday) will always be my favorite building in the city.


I used to love the golden flecks of mosaic tile in the tunnel between the Bryant Park Station and the 42nd St and 5th Ave 7 train when I worked at an office in Bryant Park. Sunday night I got to walk through the tunnel again. The art is one of the largest NYCT Permanent Art installments in the city, by Samm Kunce.


This terribly grainy photo (pre-iPhones having good cameras) of me in front of a lit-up La Tour Eiffel in March 2010 reminds me of how much fun I had visiting Paris when my cousin Talene was studying abroad there. Not pictured: The 289 other pictures we each tried to take jumping in front of it.

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