I’m in Sioux Falls, trick

“Where’s that?” you say? — Well, it’s in southeastern South Dakota, bordered by Iowa and Minnesota. Seriously, I’m about 10 minutes from both state lines. 

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted here (sorry about that) I am here to work, which takes up a considerable amount of time and energy but I’ve finally had a chance to enjoy this adorable city I’ve moved to.

Lots of people consider South Dakota “fly over” country but I would beg you to reconsider. I grew up in a city about the same size as Sioux Falls and this place is way more happenin’ than Springfield, Mass. for real.

I finally had the ambition to go walk around town and capture some photos of our beautiful downtown area, which is just a small portion of the city, but it’s where I live and it’s my favorite part. It’s up and coming and it keeps expanding, street by street, there are new shops, restaurants, apartments, condos and other businesses every time I look. The rest of the city is like anywhere else — more shops and restaurants and businesses. We have Target (two, actually), a mall, pretty much every chain restaurant known to man (except for Chik-fil-A, I’m still waiting… tick tock) and a great farmer’s market on Saturdays. 

The entire city is built around “The Falls” I mean, it is called Sioux Falls after all. It’s the largest city in South Dakota. The river was a glacier and when it melted, it exposed pink quartzite rock, which is now the falls — and the quartzite is dated to be about a BILLION and a half years old. When settlers came here, they first abandoned Sioux Falls and then realized they could use the water from the Big Sioux River. There were already two Native American tribes here and for the most part, there wasn’t a lot of conflict between them. 

The city is also flanked by railroads. They are everywhere. Incredibly, they’re only used for transporting goods to this day. There isn’t a rail service here that moves people from place to place, which I regularly mention when I talk to people in positions of power. How is there not an Amtrak line here?! People would totally use it. Or a light rail? As the inner city becomes more and more populated, and Sioux Falls expands into other parts of town, the roads are getting congested in a way the folks who first came here could’ve never predicted. People would totally use a light rail and there are already tracks for it. BOOM. Maybe someday.

The Falls and Falls Park are the crowning jewel of Sioux Falls, but the entire downtown area has my heart. Here are some of my snaps:


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